The Two Noble Kinsmen (revival)

A co-production between Just Enough and MAST Stage Productions.

When two cousins fall in love with the same woman, someone’s bound to lose out… Escaped convicts, Amazonian princesses and May Day revellers all gather in a wood near Athens, and so the stage is set for disguises, unrequited love and the most chivalrous fight-to-the-death between two best friends.

Shakespeare’s last and least-known play vividly to life with live music, period songs and contemporary dancetheatre to  compliment the lyrical beauty of Shakespeare’s final poetry, whilst Fletcher’s comedy resonates with contemporary humour.

First performed in 1613, The Two Noble Kinsmen is a neglected gem; rarely seen today, and the only Shakespeare play not to be performed as part of the Cultural Olympiad’s World Shakespeare Festival.

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Photographs by Nick Spratling.

Castclick on an actor’s name to find out more about them:

Sean Croft : Arcite
Jason Devoy : Theseus / Jailer
Sorcha Finch-Murray : Emilia
Matthew Harrison-James : Palamon
Robert Heard : Pirithous / Daughter’s Wooer
Phoebe Kemp : Third Queen / Jailer’s Daughter
Jumoke Oke : Second Queen / Nell / Doctor
Stacy Sobieski : Hippolyta / Friz
Susanna Tookey : First Queen / Luce

Creative Team:

Steven Barrett : Producer
Marjorie Barrett : Producer
John East : Director
Emily Baines : Revival Musical Director
Natalie Jackson : Revival Costume Designer
Sonic Harrison : Lighting Designer
Sian NiMhuiri : Lighting Assistant (London)

Liam Byrne : Original Musical Director
Rachel Good : Original Costume Designer

the egg, Theatre Royal Bath:17 – 18 February 2012
The Space, London: 22 February – 3 March, 2012

“Instead of props, the production relied on music and dance to convey the story. Numbers included works by John Downland and Thomas Ravenscroft, as well as original pieces. Although this could easily have backfired, Emily Baines’ musical direction was top notch.” Remotegoat

“I really believed that I was watching the lives of these characters as if I were a villager meandering through this vibrant world.” Yin N Yang

“All the performances are cheerfully physical, the set pieces are strikingly directed, and the ensemble scenes give the play an intimacy and warmth that draws the audience in from the start.” The Wharf

“Palamon and Arcite painting each other’s naked torsos with metallic paint had a disturbing eroticism, as indeed did their relationship in general and Emilia’s remembering her dead childhood friend Flavina.” Notes of an Idealist

“The actors are well-versed and passionate, the theatre space of a converted church is suitably otherworldly, and the play’s more modern asides are juxtaposed deftly with Shakespearean prose.” BroadwayBaby


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