Introduction to Site Specific Theatre

For the Theatre Royal Bath Engage programme.

What happens when you take the play out of the theatre? Theatre companies are increasingly making performances in unusual venues, creating a world an audience can fully immerse themselves in. With the traditional restrictions lifted, classic plays can take on new lives, and devised work can appeal to all the senses.

This is a practical workshop introducing participants to some of the techniques that directors, designers and performers use when generating new, site-specific theatre.

Saturday 19 January, 2-6pm – Taster Workshop – at St Swithin’s Church

Saturday 27 April, 10am-6pm – Main Workshop – at a mystery location!

Both workshops can be tooked together or separately from the Theatre Royal Bath. The workshops will cover different aspects and will compliment one another, but you don’t have to undertake both. The first workshop at St Swithin’s Church will look at how a site can inspire a performance, as well as how stories can be adapted to suit a found space. April’s day-long workshop will take place at a mystery venue – participants will meet at the egg first before being transported to the venue. This is so that everyone has the same (lack of) knowledge about the venue at the start of the day!


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